Settimana Sei

Hello friends, sorry this blog post is a few days late. It’s been a busy week, because it’s  about to be midterms!! This upcoming week I have major projects due and tests to take. I’ll include some pictures of what I’ve been working on for the semester in my classes later on.

This week I wrote an 8 page paper (2800 words, 1.5 spaced, and MLA citations — LOL OK all of that is annoying) for my art history class Palaces of Florence, that took up 4 days of my life between research and writing it and editing. And I still missed one sentence I should have deleted, and I identified something incorrectly in my paper. I gave an oral presentation to the class and couldn’t get the projector to work with the speaker notes I made on PowerPoint, and so I had to try to remember all the details about what I needed to say, and missed some things that were important to my topic. I was really discouraged about that. On the other hand, it’s over with and now I don’t have to think about it anymore!

For Color Theory I have an entire painting due on tomorrow, and I’m not quite done with it yet. I would try to explain the concept but it won’t make sense unless you see it, so I will just post pictures so you can see what I mean! I am basically taking a painting that I was inspired by at the Uffizi Gallery, and my personal project is “pixelizing” it. So I printed a good copy of it from the internet, divided it up into little squares, and am painting all the little squares 1-3 colors. It’s been going pretty well and I’m proud of how it’s turning out so far!

In Italian I’m still doing pretty well which is nice. I feel very comfortable learning the language and I feel good about what I can put down on paper, but applying it and speaking it is a challenge and I don’t feel super confident to try a lot of the time (even though my host mom makes us now hehe).

In my Design for Living Spaces class I am challenged a LOT of the time. I have had to get used to drawing my interiors in the metric system — which makes a ton of sense once you get used to it, but if you’re not used to it, then good luck! That was a huge struggle for me at first. My professor is so talented and experienced, but man I feel so stupid when I show her my drawings – she is very critical and sometimes hurts your feelings, then making you laugh the next second because she’s funny. I have mixed feelings about that class. We have our huge midterm project due next week where we present our design for our client (which is another student in the class), including the floor plan and full furnishings/fixtures/equipment, etc. It’s been difficult! I feel like my project is nowhere near done and I have a lot left to do on it, but also I worked on it for 6+ hours today and made a lot of progress that I’m excited about. I’ll include pictures of this too.

Otherwise nothing eventful this week, the whole week has basically been midterm prep!! I haven’t had time to do much else. Hopefully I can hang in there and still be able to study a good amount for my tests in Palaces of Florence and Italian.

In other news: MY FAMILY IS COMING!!! My parents and Dallas get here next Friday and I’m gonna LOSE IT. In a good way. I am so excited to share this city with them! We will be hanging out here in Florence for 4-5 days, then making our way to Rome for 4-5 days, and taking day trips to Venice, Naples, and Pompeii (possibly Pisa too) in between! I’m so excited for my dad – all the history he’s taught about for 20+ years in the classroom, finally in person in front of him, and he can literally touch it (sometimes, other times you might get arrested or set off an alarm LOL). I’m excited for my mom to try Italian coffee and to experience the culture here (and be spoken to in Italian because she looks like she belongs here), and I’m excited for Dallas to experience the world outside of our home in MN. It will be a wonderful challenge for him with many benefits!! After fall break is over, it’s only a short SIX WEEKS until I come home, which is insane because it feels like it’s so much farther away than that.

My roommate and I were just saying that we are both really starting to love it here, and I told Austen yesterday that I really can’t imagine studying abroad anywhere else. God really prepared me for this time, whether it felt like it or not. He had a plan for me coming here and I have been loving all that he’s had in store!! The city is insanely beautiful, the food is amazing, the history is mind-blowing (seriously, like 90% of the churches here were built before Columbus “found” America). I feel like I think of this place as “home” now, and I haven’t really before now. For a while, I was in this place where I almost couldn’t see the good and the happy and the beautiful here.

To be honest, I tried to write this post yesterday. I knew I couldn’t post it, so I just saved a draft and left it. My heart wasn’t really excited to write, I had just gotten more bad news about my stupid tuition at school, and I was just angry and upset. My writing reflected the ugliness I had in my heart, and that was sad to read today. I had been struggling with missing home a lot, and really letting FOMO get to me. It’s SO true that the “grass is always greener on the other side.” We always want what we can’t have. I felt (and sometimes still do) like I was really missing out on things by being here, which is weird because people think they’re missing out on whatever by being at home. I am in a much better place today, and I think I just needed to rest in the Lord’s reassurance that I’m doing okay. He’s affirming my decision to come here in the little ways, and the fact that I can still see them, even if they’re little, is important.

He’s been affirming me with friendships, classes going well or improving, my confidence in my work is better, the church I go to is amazing, I haven’t lost my keys or anything else important yet (which is surprising to me lol). I tend to forget, especially at home, that God shows us he loves us in the little things, like a beautiful sunrise, a warm breeze, an encouraging card from a friend, phone calls from people we love, the birds swarming and flying in amazing patterns in the sky. They’re all displays of God’s unique, incredible beauty.


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