Things that make me ~salty~

Here’s another list-icle of things that make me a little salty & annoyed. Sometimes I am melodramatic but I mean, honestly, we can all relate on some level to at least one of the things on this list:

  1. People that yell at customer service workers. Try being one of those customer service workers and see how small you can feel when someone yells at you because of a store policy they don’t like.
  2. When people don’t use their blinker while driving. Y’ALL IT’S THERE FOR A REASON. It can literally save lives. Use the dang thing.
  3. When old food gets crusted onto dishes if you don’t rinse it after you use it (like ranch, ketchup, melted cheese, etc. nasty) – that’s just gross and an extra hassle to wash and get clean
  4. When I put too much sugar in my coffee – if I’m not paying attention I almost can give myself a cavity and it’s no bueno
  5. Backhanded compliments. Look, if you’re going to tell me that I “finally got a tan” or something that’s intended to be a compliment but is really just not nice, we probs aren’t gonna be friends
  6. People that are fake happy. People can see right through that ish, don’t pretend to be super happy if you’re not. What’s beautiful about authenticity is what happens when you present yourself to the world as you are — and seeing all the lovely people that love and embrace you, no matter what
  7. Tall people (sometimes). I love my 6’4″ boyfriend dearly, but if he tries to stand in front of me at a concert (which he wouldn’t do because he knows better heheheh) or in line at a restaurant so I can’t see anything (i.e., the menu), there will be a tussle to follow and I will be s a l t y.
  8. Those people that have an Instagram relationship with God. For me it’s hard to see people that don’t live out what they’re proclaiming online. On Instagram their spiritual life looks perfect & thriving, but in person you can see that they’re actually lacking spiritual depth or they’re actually far away from the Lord. Read #6 for a reminder about the beauty of authenticity. Authenticity can bring encouragement tenfold from those you love and need.
  9. (Oh the irony in that I hate) whiny people (but I’m totally a whiny person sometimes). I complain a lot and mask it as venting, which is funny because I hate it when people complain a lot – at least about the same stuff over and over and over again. Lord help me I need a lot of Jesus.
  10. Expensive food – which may or may not be worth it. I LOVE PANERA, BUT FOR THE LOVE OF CARBS CAN WE PLS NOT CHARGE LIKE $15 FOR SOME SOUP AND A SANDWICH???!!!!!! what a drag on my lunch break, forking (ha pun) over a leg and an arm for some food
  11. $50 t-shirts. I cannot justify spending even $20 on a tee at Target. So $50 would be asking me to give up almost a day at work, which is definitely not worth it when you’re shopping at a store like Urban Outfitters that has the junkiest quality ever for SKY high prices.
  12. Reading the hypocrisy on Facebook over the shooting of Justine Damond. It’s so beyond sad that people are blind to the fact that this has happened before – but if it’s to a person of color, it goes unnoticed or covered in victim-blaming, because a POC simply cannot be innocent, according to conservative America. Lord come quickly.
  13. I get salty when I go to Menomonie and I feel like there’s nothing fun to do except work… which isn’t fun all the time
  14. When you’re with people that are on their phones the whole time like you’re not even in the room. What is this about???? Why did you want to hang out if you were just gonna text someone else the whole time??
  15. People that have to put everything on social media. Why is it necessary to publicize your every move? Is nothing sacred????
  16. People that try to get out of work all the time. I just don’t get why you have a job if making money isn’t important.
  17. People that constantly complain about their significant other. It’s important to consider the fact that they have feelings, and would be devastated to know you’re complaining about them all the time. It’s important to talk directly to your significant other, not about them to other people when they can’t even defend themselves.
  18. Movies that have bad previews beforehand – cool, I didn’t want to waste 20 mins before the movie that I actually paid for seeing lame previews for movies I will never actually pay for.
  19. People that constantly make fun of others. Being the butt of every joke is funny like two times. After that, it gets really old, and it can effect friendships in very real ways when it goes on for too long. Be sensitive to those around you, words have weight.
  20. Slow walkers. By far one of the most annoying things in all the land. I should live a life at sea to avoid this, but alas, I cannot. I just can’t deal. It is impossible. See the below .gif

    The iconic Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada is me in this instance.

I think that’s where I’ll call it quits, since I can’t think of anything else that annoys me right now, weirdly enough.

What’s annoying to you?? Am i a relatable teen yet??


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