Holy cow. I have around 5-6 weeks until I leave for Italy for 3.5 months. I’m feeling excited about it right now, and the feelings of stress and fear and anxiety are far off in the distance currently. It’s nice.

I am keeping a list of the things I have yet to do and the things I’ve already done to prepare for the trip – paperwork, visas, purchasing luggage (because everyone needs a decent set of luggage when they’re an adult apparently), etc. (also thanks mom and dad for buying my luggage because I’m paying for so many other things I’m broke)

So, here’s my to-do list and my have-done list (I love lists. So much. They never stress me out, I just feel more organized and relaxed when I know exactly what’s going on):

Have Done:

  • Bought a plane ticket to Italy ($655 round trip & direct overnight flight BOO YAAAA) out of CHI
  • (parents) bought luggage
  • Received insurance information
  • Got all my passport stuff figured out (in the spring)
  • Booked visa appointment in Chicago (booked in May)
  • Planned two trips I’m taking with the school – Switzerland & Monaco (one of my dreams!!)

To Do:

  • Go to visa appointment & pay for visa
  • Print off all necessary documents and copies
  • Book flight to Chicago and back for before & after the trip
  • Pay for Switzerland & Monaco trips before arrival in Italy
  • Write a packing list (I LOVE LISTS CAN’T YOU TELL)
  • Pack (eventually when it’s closer)
  • Double check that all the copies are correct and give them to parents in case I lose a leg overseas (kidding but honestly it could happen I’m klutzy)
  • Apply for MN loan to cover the difference for the trip (who knew I chose the most expensive study abroad program at Stout HAHAHAH AAHAHHAHA oopS)
  • Obsessively read traveling and study abroad blogs to prepare for the trip (this has been an ongoing thing I do all the time)
  • LEAVE!! August 27!!

So far, I feel like I’m in pretty good shape. It’s all coming together so fast now as I leave at the end of August! The Lord has really taken care of all the details so far.

I’ve honestly been avoiding thinking about the trip for a good chunk of the summer until I had to buy my plane ticket. Thinking about it stresses me out, and then I freak out and my brain automatically goes to the worst-case-scenario (lol that “jumping to conclusions like” meme is ME) and then I tell myself that I shouldn’t even go because it’s a mistake.

Which, clearly, it’s not. I’m meant to go because God’s been taking care of all the things that I’ve been freaking out about since the beginning, like: an early enough visa appointment, an awesome-priced ticket to Italy, a highly-rated and affordable luggage set, a flight out of the country where I have the potential to say goodbye to my soul sister before I leave (!!!! EEEK!!!!), keeping my nerves at bay in general and allowing me to enjoy my summer without losing my mind over all these details that I don’t really need to be worrying about.

I’m always trying to be in control of my life to the point where I forget and choose to not present it to God. But in this season, I’m not allowed to be in control. I’m leaving my friends & family & boyfriend (we’ll have been together for 4 years the day I arrive in Italy, after he was gone in Germany for 5 months) at home for 3.5 months, going to a country where I won’t know a single person, I’m 93% unfamiliar with the language, I won’t know where I’m going to live until a WEEK before I leave, and I don’t even know what to expect in terms of the weather (google can only tell you so much).

The only thing I’m allowed to do during this time is to trust that the Lord already has this whole thing figured out, and to be honest – it’s going pretty great so far, and I’m not really worried about any of it yet.

Let’s just see how I’m feeling the week before I leave though. šŸ˜‰


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