Things I don’t Understand

I feel like these days the world doesn’t make a lot of sense – from politics (lol) to work to school, here’s a list of things that I just don’t get.

  1. Why people gossip about others in a “professional” setting
  2. How people can eat salad all the time – or in general
  3. Why people embarrass others on purpose
  4. Why an actual plane ticket can cost $200 and then the attached fees are over $400
  5. How people can eat peas. Gross. Mushy little green balls.
  6. How people can spend excessive amounts of money on crazy name brand clothes
  7. Why people are proud to have Trump in office when he’s acting like a 12 year old that gets in twitter fights every few seconds
  8. Why my cat has this really ugly raspy meow
  9. How my cat lost one of its big canine teeth (seriously, how)
  10. Why people like cheese plain and how they can eat it plain
  11. How people just don’t like chocolate
  12. How people don’t like minty things
  13. Why boys think Axe in excess smells good (middle schoolers)
  14. Why some men think it’s cool to objectify women and treat them like they don’t matter
  15. How so many cops have gotten away with excessive police brutality and murder
  16. How so many cops have crazy aggression issues and are still allowed to be on the force, posing a threat to everyone, and more seriously posing a threat to people of color
  17. Why it has to be so dang humid in MN for no stinking apparent reason (help me I’m so sweaty lol)
  18. Why traveling is so expensive
  19. Why minimum wage can’t pay the bills even though so many people are working minimum wage jobs – so why can’t we raise the minimum wage in other states (@WISCONSIN)
  20. Why people like and are proud of Donald Trump ?????????????????????
  21. How people can defend his actions and immaturity???????????????????
  22. Why my feet are always cold even tho it’s 80-90 degrees outside
  23. Why people think it’s okay to say “retarded” still
  24. Why the Passion Papaya Green Tea at Panera is my new favorite thing in all the land and it’s less than $3 for a huge one – not sure why i’m so obsessed
  25. Why the heck it snows so much
  26. Why the heck I still want to live in a place where it snows so much
  27. How gas costs the same to fill up my parent’s truck as it does to fill up my little ’99 Camry (for real why is it the same price)
  28. Why people have to spas (yes, that’s the correct spelling of ‘spas,’ no, it’s not ‘spazz’) out at you for no reason and then act like nothing happened
  29. Why people are so entitled about their coffee (lol barista probz)!!!! get over yourselves rude customers!!!!!!!
  30. How 40 hour weeks in an office job work – not used to this life yet
  31. I never understood how amazing it would be to not have to work weekends anymore
  32. Why the City of Bloomington thought it would be an amazing idea to shut down Normandale Blvd and 84th St to JUST ONE LANE IN BOTH DIRECTIONS. WHO DECIDED THIS. it takes me 45 mins to get home bc of this thanks
  33. Why my dad doesn’t like animals enough to let us get a dog
  34. Why these girls stole my picnic table at lunch today so I couldn’t eat outside bc there’s nowhere else to sit 😦 sad
  35. How college has skyrocketed to be so expensive when no one except for the suuuper wealthy can pay for it
  36. Why I’m only 5′ 1.5″ tall
  37. Why I can’t grow anymore
  38. How I got straight hair when everyone else in my fam has curly or wavy hair
  39. Why tattoos are so expensive bc they’re neat and I want more
  40. How it’s so awkward when talking to some people on the phone and how with others it’s so easy

Okay that’s all for today. Maybe I’ll make a Part 2 another time. What things do you not understand?


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