The cutest dorm room ever seen

My roommate and I take great pride in having a cute and comfy dorm room, complete with the basic white girl string twinkle lights to flowers on our coffee table.

I finally have some pictures to show for it to prove it’s just as cute as we claim it to be:
  Here’s our little coffee table for $20 from Walmart, a 50¢ piggy bank from a thrift store, and a vase with some $1 fake flowers in it. We also have coasters. That’s mostly me.

This is the arrangement of my shelf above my desk where I keep all my makeup and extra toiletries, as well as books and folders. Up above is my knitting, my 3D Design plaster sculpture, and my fan.
Here’s the futon which my roomie’s grandma so kindly let us use. We bought a $25 grey cover for the cushion. The quilt is from my church graduation, and the throw pillows are from Walmart for $5-10. Here’s our TV/pantry set up! It has our extra food and dishes, as well as movies and our blankets in the white basket underneath ($13 Target). The crates have our garbage and recycling bins, and in the holes are extra plastic bags to pull out.

 This picture is kind of blurry but it’s of our printer, Keurig/coffee station, and more food (mostly popcorn thanks Gma for the hookup).

I hope you think our room is as cute as we do! Interior design majors aren’t bad roomies to have. 😉


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